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This is an art gallery, not a science site. Most of the art here is nature and science inspired, but is NOT scientific illustration. Expect little accuracy, and you may actually enjoy it. :B

PS- Kind of funny how I have to specify this, this being an art site and all...



Saltillomimus regresa by HodariNundu
Saltillomimus regresa
Ya antes había hecho un doodle totalmente de mi imaginación de este dinosaurio (Saltillomimus) pero aqui lo tienen de nuevo despues de ser anunciado oficialmente por fin :B
Saltillomimus medía 3 metros de largo, 1.5 de alto, y tenía patas muy fuertes y dedos que podían separarse mucho, lo que se supone que era una adaptación para correr a gran velocidad incluso en suelo lodoso (ya que vivió en planicies costeras). Los cientificos que lo describen afirman que probablemente podía correr a unos 80 kms p/h, y que tiene rasgos que lo asemejan mas a ornitomímidos asiáticos que a sus vecinos de Estados Unidos y Canadá. Tambien es el primer terópodo endémico de Mexico en ser descrito a partir de restos relativamente decentes, si no me equivoco, y tambien hay icnitas que pueden atribuirse a esta especie.
En cuanto al nombre, significa "imitador de Saltillo", en honor a la capital del estado de Coahuila donde el dino fue encontrado. De haberlo descubierto yo, probablemente le habría puesto "Correcamimus", en honor al ave corredora mas representativa de esas regiones... :/
Como sea, es bueno oir de nuevos ornitomímidos, que junto con los prosauropodos deben ser los dinos mas ignorados...

I've doodled this dino with zero references before (Saltillomimus) but here it is again after being formally announced at last :B
Saltillomimus was 3 meters long, 1.5 meters tall, and had very strong legs and toes that could spread very wide which is supossed to be an adaptation to run at high speed even in soft muddy ground (it lived in coastal plains). The scientists who described it say it could probably run at speeds of 80 kms p/h or so, and that it has features that make it more similar to Asian ornithomimids than to its US and Canada neighbors. It is also Mexico's first endemic theropod to be described from relatively decent remains, if I'm not mistaken, and there's a number of footprints that were most likely produced by this species.
As for the name, it means "mimic from Saltillo" after the capital city of Coahuila, the state were it was found. Had it been my discovery, I would've named it "Correcamimus" (but the pun only works in Spanish... "correcaminos" means roadrunner). You know, being the most iconic running bird of these regions... :/
Oh well, always nice to hear of new ornithomimids, which must be the most neglected dinos along with prosauropods...
Laophis sure is heavy by HodariNundu
Laophis sure is heavy
Creanme, si estuvieran cargando una vibora gigante y super venenosa en sus hombros tambien parecerían nerviosos :B
Este es de hecho un intento de autorretrato caricaturesco, pero la verdad soy pésimo dibujando humanos así que asuman que soy mucho más guapo en la vida real :D Elegí a Laophis para hacerme compañía porque hasta ahora parece que soy el único que la ha dibujado, así que desde luego, me ama más a mi que a ustedes. Además me recuerda aquellos dias en los que trabajaba en un zoologico y mi principal tarea era cargar una pitón ridículamente pesada mientras explicaba a los visitantes porque los reptiles son amigos, no alimañas. Buenos tiempos :>

Believe me, if you were carrying a giant, super venomous snake on your shoulders you would look nervous too :B
This is actually an attempted cartoony self portrait but I suck at drawing humans so, be assured, I'm a lot more handsome in real life. :D I chose Laophis as my photo buddy cause thus far, I seem to be the only one who has drawn it, so of course it loves me more than it loves you. It's mutual, really. Plus, it reminds me of those days when I worked at a zoo and my main job was to carry a ridiculously heavy Burmese python while talking to visitors about why reptiles are friends, not vermin. Good times. :>
Ichthyosaurs take the plunge by HodariNundu
Ichthyosaurs take the plunge
Inspirado en el descubrimiento de Cartorhynchus lenticarpus, un ictiosaurio de apenas 40 centimetros de largo y 248 millones de años de antiguedad, que no solo podia nadar sino que aparentemente era anfibio D: Básicamente, el eslabón perdido que faltaba en la historia de los ictiosaurios. :B
Para ser sincero este dibujo es completamente de mi cosecha porque no he visto imagenes del bicho; dicen que tenia aletas muy grandes y flexibles que le permitian andar en tierra como una foca, pero le falta la cola, asi que no se sabe si tenia aleta caudal o que tan modificada estaba. ¿Pero a que es una monada? :B

Inspired by the discovery of Cartorhynchus lenticarpus, an ichthyosaur only 40 cms long and 248 million years old which not only could swim, but was actually amphibious D: Basically the missing link in ichthyosaur history :B
To be honest, this doodle is completely from my imagination because I haven´t seen any pictures of the creature yet; they say it had large flippers, and flexible so it could crawl on land like a seal, but the tail is missing, so we don´t know if it had a tail fluke or not. But ain´t it cute? :B
Two Towering Triassic Titans by HodariNundu
Two Towering Triassic Titans
Ni siquiera un Dracovenator de 7 metros es rival para dos anquisaurios gigantes! :D
Inspirado en un monstruoso prosauropodo cuyos restos fueron hallados en la famosa formación Elliott de Sudafrica, y que pudo haber sido
comparable en peso al mismísimo Diplodocus, siendo además más largo y mas alto que el Tyrannosaurus rex- lo que le convierte probablemente
en el mayor prosauropodo, el mayor animal terrestre del Triásico, y el mayor bípedo conocido de todos los tiempos (las proporciones de sus extremidades
indican que no estaba adaptado a la locomoción cuadrupeda).
Gracias a :iconvasix: por alertarme de la existencia de esta increible bestia :B

Not even a 7 meter Dracovenator is a match for two gigantic anchisaurs! D:
Inspired by a monstrous prosauropod whose remains were found in the famous Elliott Formation of South Africa, and may have been comparable in weight to
Diplodocus itself! Being also longer and taller than T-Rex, which makes it probably the largest prosauropod, the largest land animal of the Triassic, and the largest
bipedal animal of all times, at least known to date! (the proportions of its limbs indicate it was not adapted for quadrupedal locomotion)
Thanks to :iconvasix: for letting me know of this amazing beast! :B
Deinocheirus looked absolutely nothing like a spoonbill after all! And its stomach contents were found, too!


By the way, to everyone who told me it had feet like a jacana... are you sure you've ever seen one? :B

Very cool dino. Yet another mystery solved. :>

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