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This is an art gallery, not a science site. Most of the art here is nature and science inspired, but is NOT scientific illustration. Expect little accuracy, and you may actually enjoy it. :B

PS- Kind of funny how I have to specify this, this being an art site and all...



Deinonychus by HodariNundu
Quiere tu alma... pero se conformará con tu carne, si no hay alternativa :B Práctica con lapices de colores. Le puse una especie de gorguera como la del buitre torgo solo porque, bueno, ¿por qué no? :B

Wants your soul... but will settle for your flesh if need be. :B Practicing with colored pencils. I gave him a sort of wattle like a lappet-faced vulture just because, why not?
Epicyon by HodariNundu
Epicyon fue un perro prehistorico monstruoso de la subfamilia conocida como "rompehuesos". Podía pesar hasta 170 kilos siendo uno de los mayores cánidos que hayan existido, mas parecido a un león que a un lobo en cuanto a su tamaño, y dotado de mandibulas casi tres veces mas poderosas que la de los mayores lobos. 
Cánidos como estos se contaban entre los depredadores dominantes en América del Norte pero fueron reemplazados eventualmente por los félidos (segun un estudio reciente, hasta cuarenta especies de cánidos prehistoricos desaparecieron como resultado de la competencia con aquellos). 

Epicyon was a monstrous prehistoric dog of the so called "bonecrusher" subfamily. It could weigh up to 170 kgs, being one of the largest canids of all times, more similar to a lion than to a wolf when it comes to size, and armed with jaws three times stronger than those of the largest wolves.
Canids such as these were among the dominant predators in North America until they were replaced by big cats (according to a recent study, up to forty species of prehistoric canids dissappeared as the result of competition with felids)
Lokotunjailurus by HodariNundu
Y siguiendo con la práctica de mamiferos :B Lokotunjailurus fue un gato cimitarra aproximadamente del tamaño de un león, pero mas ligero, y con proporciones semejantes a las del actual serval; su principal característica era la enorme garra del primer dedo, retráctil y muy afilada, casi como la de un dromeosaurio, que le servia para sujetar y capturar a sus presas; los otros dedos eran pequeños y con garras no retráctiles, lo cual le permitía correr a gran velocidad. Puede que no haya sido tan rápido como el guepardo moderno, pero habría sido capaz de correr por mas tiempo sin agotarse. 

And continuing with the mammal practice :B Lokotunjailurus was a scimitar cat aproximately the size of a lion, but lighter and with proportions similar to those of the modern day serval cat; its main trait was the huge dew claw, retractable and very sharp, almost like a dromeosaur's, which it would use to capture and hold its prey; the other toes were small and had non-retractable claws, which allowed it to run at high speed. It may not have been as fast as cheetahs but it could run for a longer time without tiring. 
Xenosmilus by HodariNundu
Sugerido por :iconhublerdon:
Xenosmilus fue un miembro muy inusual de la familia de los dientes de sable- en realidad no tenia sables, pero sus colmillos e incisivos eran enormes y estaban aserrados; no apuñalaba ni estrangulaba a sus presas, sino que las mataba arrancando limpiamente grandes trozos de carne, de modo que la presa moria por el shock y la perdida de sangre; mas semejante al ataque de un tiburón que a un tigre o un león. Probablemente lo censurarían en Animal Planet. Era tremendamente robusto, y se le han estimado hasta 400 kilos de peso, lo cual lo vuelve uno de los mayores felidos que hayan existido. 
Vere si puedo subir una version con mejor calidad mañana

Suggested by :iconhublerdon:
Xenosmilus was a very unusual member of the sabertooth family- it really didn´t have sabers, but its fangs AND incisors were all huge and serrated; it didn´t strangle or stab its prey, but rather killed them by biting huge chunks of flesh off their bodies, so that the victim would die of shock and blood loss. It would be more like a shark attack than a lion or tiger's; it would probably be censored on Animal Planet. It was tremendously robust and estimated to have weighed up to 400 kgs, thus being one of the biggest cats known to have existed.
I'll see if I can upload a better quality version tomorrow 
The Real Egg Robber? by HodariNundu
The Real Egg Robber?
Un Shuvuuia huye de un oviraptorido enfurecido despues de robar un huevo de su nido. Inspirado por algo que pensaba la otra noche... el consenso hoy día parece ser que los alvarezsaurios eran insectivoros que usaban esos bracitos de una sola garra para retirar corteza de los arboles o destruir termiteros, pero son tan cortos que personalmente no veo como podian usarlos sin estar practicamente abrazados a uno u otro. Entonces se me ocurrió, ¿que tal si eran ladrones de huevos especializados? Los bracitos podian usarse para agarrar huevos de dinosaurios mas grandes, asegurandolos fuertemente mientras corren lejos de los adultos (si es que son sorprendidos en el acto), y cuando llegan a un lugar seguro pueden usar su larga lengua para beberse el contenido del huevo. Y tendria sentido que hubiera varias especies de alvarezsaurio coexistiendo en el mismo ecosistema porque solamente se podrian alimentar de huevos lo suficientemente pequeños de tamaño como para llevarselos. :B Es solo una idea. 

A Shuvuuia flees from a furious oviraptorid after stealing an egg from its nest. Inspired by something I was thinking the other night... consensus today seems to be that alvarezsaurs were insectivorous and used their one-clawed arms to scratch the bark off trees or destroy termite mounds, but they're so short I personally can´t see how they could use them without practically hugging one or the other. So I thought, what if they were specialized egg robbers? The little arms could be used to grab eggs from larger dinosaur nests, securing them as they run away from the adults (if they were caught in the act), and once in a safe location, use their long tongue to drink the contents. And it would make sense if there were several alvarezsaur species coexisting in the same place, as they could only feed on eggs the right size to carry. :B Just a thought. 
Hey everyone! That last post was not about suicide, and it definitely was not a joke! I think I owe you all an apology for being so cryptic; I can see how that simple phrase could be misinterpreted. I do suffer from depression and I did have a suicidal episode earlier this year, of which I didn´t mention a thing until now- no need for details there, lets just say I owe my life to a relative with incredibly good timing, and that I'm very lucky to even be alive to write these lines right now. I have no plans to repeat the experience, so no worries there.
And of course, I don´t feel like joking about it either. 

The phrase was just about actual dreams. You know, like, when life seems pointless or boring or too mundane, and you go to sleep and dream of amazing things? Like dinosaurs, for example! I tend to write down thoughts like that- no long explanation, just the words that come to me at the moment. But I didn´t expect to cause alarm.

Again, I apologize for the misunderstanding and know that I really appreciate your concern. As long as the "what doesn´t kill you" thing is true- and I like to think it is-, I'll still be around for a while. 

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brolyeuphyfusion9500 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Maybe you can do a drawing of apatosaurs bashing things with their necks?

The SVPCA 2015 found adaptations for combat in apatosaurine necks. Even proposed that they may have had possible keratin knobs/spikes on their necks. Or just thickened pads of connective tissue, but you may wanna go with the keratin spikes option for the coolness factor.
Todyo1798 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

Did you know these guys used one of your sketches for their video?  I mean you probably do know, but just in case you didn't, ya know?
HodariNundu Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015   General Artist
Thanks for the tip!
TroyandFriends Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Guess what the largest land mammal was? Jake Eyebrows 
HodariNundu Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015   General Artist
Palaeoloxodon namadicus or some other giant proboscidian, probably.

(You thought you had me? :B)
TroyandFriends Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(Kind'a yeah, LOL)

Getting inspired mate?
HodariNundu Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015   General Artist
Been meaning to draw something about it for a while now, lets see what comes out :B
vasix Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here you go nuts! 
JustaRandomGourgeist Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi hodari! now there's 2 new discoveries. Collinsium, a worm covered with 72 spikes and Sefapanosaurus a prosauropod thought to originally be Aardonyx
HodariNundu Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015   General Artist
I hadn´t heard of Collinsium- looks a lot like Hallucigenia actually :> Thanks for the tip!
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